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Folk Music Concerts


All Living Tradition community center events have been cancelled until further notice.

To promote public health and safety in light of COVID-19, the City of Anaheim has temporarily closed the Downtown Anaheim Community Center and other community centers.

We are completely supportive of the City's action, which we believe will help protect the health of the community.  Therefore, we have cancelled our community center concerts, jams, and dances until further notice.

We are planning online events during this time when we cannot offer indoor concerts, jams, or dances. 

Visit our Online Events page for information about virtual dances, jams, and concerts.

Stay tuned for future announcements.

In the meantime, keep yourself healthy and safe!


The following folk music concerts are presented by The Living Tradition. These concerts feature international and local artisans of contemporary folk music and traditional folk music. 

To view a list of artists who have performed in The Living Tradition concert series, click Concert History, or scroll to the bottom of this page. These events are partially funded by a grant from the Anaheim Arts Council.

Location & Time

All concerts are held on the 3rd Saturday of most months at the Anaheim Downtown Community Center, 250 E. Center St., in Anaheim (in the heart of Orange County).  Free parking

Concerts start at 7:30 PM, unless otherwise noted.

Recommended Donations

Unless otherwise noted: 

  • Advance Reservations: $20 per person ($17 with Living Tradition membership discount; $17 Students).  Children under 18 FREE with paid adult.
  • Day of Show: $23 per person ($20 with Living Tradition membership discount; $20 Students).  Children under 18 FREE with paid adult.
  • Cash or check only at the door.

Why reserve in advance?

  • The community center staff will know how many seats to set up.

  • We can better plan for adequate snacks and refreshments.

  • It helps the artists know they will have an audience.

  • You will be placed in a drawing for “free stuff.”

  • Admission is less expensive.



For reservations, concert information and booking inquiries, please call Ron at (714) 997-8590 or e-mail livingtraditionconcerts@gmail.com.


Important Announcement from Patty McCollom, President of The Living Tradition

Regarding our Schedule Changes in Response to the Coronavirus

To:  The Living Tradition Community

March 14, 2020

The news about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is developing so fast that actions, which once seemed reasonable, suddenly seem inadequate.  As event planners, we can tell you that at the beginning of an emergency, we worry that we are over-reacting unnecessarily and weigh our actions very carefully.  Our greatest worry, though, is that we will look back after the emergency is over, and realize that we did not do enough.

Recently the City of Anaheim announced that due to COVID-19 concerns, the Downtown Anaheim Community Center and other community centers would be temporarily closed starting March 14.  We are in total agreement with this action, which we believe will help protect the health of the community.  Therefore, we are canceling our March 2020 concert, jam, and dance.

We certainly hope that we will be able to resume bringing dances, concerts, and music jams to the community, sooner, rather than later.

Please do your best to stay safe and healthy. 

All the best,




Sept. 19, 2020

All our community center concerts have been cancelled through December 2020.  Check the Online Events page for virtual events.


Oct. 17, 2020

All our community center concerts have been cancelled through December 2020.  Check the Online Events page for virtual events.


Nov. 21, 2020

All our community center concerts have been cancelled through December 2020.  Check the Online Events page for virtual events.


December 2020

No Living Tradition events are scheduled at the community center in December.

Happy Holidays!

Stay safe.



Public health concerns might affect the following schedule.

Check back later for possible changes.

May 15, 2021

TIEG is a 9-piece orchestral folk band fronted by Los Angeles singer/songwriter Tieg Johnson.  As a singer, Johnson has been compared to Art Garfunkel, while as a songwriter and guitarist, Tieg has been compared to Paul Simon.  Tieg, and his singing partner, Tara, perform interweaving harmonies a-la a modern Simon & Garfunkel (if one was a girl).   Though they try to disguise their compositions with complex harmonies and intricate guitar, there’s no escaping that what they sing are fun pop songs that aim to make you smile.


Additional details about 2020 concerts will be added as information becomes available.

The schedule is subject to change.


Attention Artists:

If you are an artist who wishes to be considered for an appearance at The Living Tradition concert series, please first review the Concert History below.  Does your music fit in with this diverse group of artists?

Concert History

The following artists have performed in The Living Tradition Concert Series (since 1999) or are booked for upcoming shows:

Albert & Gage 

Joyce Andersen

The Alleycats

Caren Armstrong 

Audrey Auld 

Sherry Austin

Banshee in the Kitchen

Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon

Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith 

Cathy Barton and Dave Para

John Batdorf 

Mike Benecke

Bob Bennett

Kate Bennett

Richard Berman 

Chris Berry 

Lou & Peter Berryman 

The Better Halves

Bettman & Halpin 

Blue Deux & Friends

Blue Mama 

Bryan Bowers 

The Brilliant Gypsies

Mikki Brisk

Severin Browne

The Browne Sisters & George Cavanaugh

The Buccaneers

Burning Heart Bluegrass 

Cache Valley Drifters

Fil Campbell

Kate Campbell 

Corrina Carter

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

Donna Lynn Caskey

Joanna Cazden

Phil Christie


Brad Colerick

Colerick-Corbett Band

Lui Collins

Conjunto los Pochos 

Tom Corbett 

Chuck E. Costa

Debra Cowan 

Ronny Cox

Shaun Cromwell

The Crooked Jades

Joe Crookston


Michael DeLalla 

Bill Dempsey 

The Devil’s Box String Band

Fur Dixon & Steve Werner

John Doan

Ray Doyle


Maria Dunn

Cliff Eberhardt

Kat Eggleston 


Aireene Espiritu

Joel Fafard

Aengus Finnan 

Beth Fitchet Wood  

The Flaw

Four Shillings Short 

Bob Fox 

Michael Fracasso

David Francey 

Bob Franke

Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen


Freebo & Photoglo 


Kerry Getz

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen  

Susie Glaze 

Jim Goodin

Richard Grainger 

Tracy Grammer 

Ken & Phee Graydon

Melissa Greener

Patrick Hanifin 

Jack Hardy 

Karen Hart

Terri Hendrix with Lloyd Maines

Melanie Hersch

Anne Hills 

Holdstock & MacLeod 

Deborah Holland 

Honey Whiskey Trio

Houston Jones

James Hurley 

Erin Inglish

I See Hawks in L.A.

Bill Isles

Bill & Kate Isles

David Jacobs-Strain

JC and Laney

Jeni and Billy


David Jones

Diana Jones

Brian Joseph 

Martyn Joseph

Cindy Kalmenson

James Keelaghan 

Steve Key

Dan Krikorian

Dale LaDuke

Richard Lappin 

Richard Lappin & Rob Balmuth

Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder 

Tom Lee

Les Amis 

Bernice Lewis

Tom Lewis 

Lilies of the West 

Tom Long

Jez Lowe 

Aedan MacDonnell

Kate MacLeod

Kate MacLeod and Kat Eggleston

The MacMammals

Ashley Maher

Jim Malcolm 

David Mallett

Marley’s Ghost

Evan Marshall

Amy Martin 

Terence Martin 

David Massengill 

Mary McCaslin 

Cathy-Anne McClintock 

Steven McClintock

Andrew McKnight 

Michael McNevin

Sarah McQuaid

Men of Worth

Reg Meuross

Greg & Margie Mirken 

Miskey Mountain Boys

Katy Moffatt 

Pete Morton 

Clare Muldaur

Heidi Muller

Mike Mullins & Penny Nichols

Murphy Family Band

Murphy’s Flaw

The Muses

Nathan & Jesse

Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements  

New World String Project


Claudia Nygaard 

Lisa O'Kane 

Ken O’Malley

One Foot In

Christina Ortega 

Dan Oved

The Palm Wine Boys 

Robin Pearl

Brian Peters 

Chris Peterson

Jim Photoglo

William Pint & Felicia Dale 

Darryl Purpose

Chuck Pyle

The Joel Rafael Band 

The Andy Rau Band

Red Moon Road

Dennis Roger Reed 

Alan Reid

Harvey Reid 

Jenny Richards 

Rusty Richards

Rob Rio

T.R. Ritchie

Andy Robinson

Rocky Neck Bluegrass Band

Garnet Rogers

David Roth

Claudia Russell   

Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan

Sabrina and Craig

Phil Salazar and the Kin Folk

The Salty Suites

Tanya Savory  

Chico Schwall

Secondhand Smoke

Rick Shea (solo)

Rick Shea & Brantley Kearns 

Shelby and Tieg

Cosy Sheridan 

Kathrin Shorr

Sally Shuffield

Sion & Anderson 

Sligo Rags

Small Potatoes

Michael Peter Smith

Squeakin' Wheels

James Lee Stanley

Chris Stuart & Backcountry 

Jean Synodinos

Tall Men Group

Dulcie Taylor

Ric Taylor

Jack Tempchin

The Tinker's Own 


Ernest Troost 

Mark Turnbull

Alice Wallace

Wendy Waldman

Phil Ward  

The Waybacks 

Erica Wheeler

When Pigs Fly! 

Jon Wilcox

Jack Williams

Willson & McKee

Wimberley Bluegrass Band

Joyce Woodson 

John Wort Hannam

Jenny Yates 

Hans York 

Bob Zentz


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